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Saturday, Feburary 11 In his blog in the pages of CMM International, Prof. D.T. Pham discusses the future of sustainable manufacturing: Remanufacture to Achieve Sustainable Manufacture
Wednesday, March 8 AUTOREMAN is presented in the news of the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse: Robotic disassembly technology as a key enabler of autonomous remanufacturing
Thursday, March 16 AUTOREMAN is presented in the news of the European Remanufacturing Network: Robotic disassembly technology as a key enabler of autonomous remanufacturing
Tuesday, April 19 Project Launch, University of Birmingham
Wednesday, May 18 Seminar on ‘Hybrid Additive-Subtractive Materials Processing and Surface Engineering for Re-manufacturing’
Presentation: “Towards autonomous remanufacturing”
Lecture room G34, Mechanical Engineering Building
Further details: Contact by 11/5/2016 - participation is free
Wednesday, June 8 Subcon 2016
Presentation: “Remanufacturing as the driver for long-term sustainability”
Fri-Sat, June 10-11 Symposium on Embracing the Internet of Things to Drive Data-Driven Decisions, University of Manchester
Invited presentation: “Autonomous Remanufacturing and IoT”
July 31 - August 4 World Automation Congress 2016, Puerto Rico
Keynote presentation: “Intelligent systems – A review of developments over the past five decades”
August 31 - September 2 9th International Conference on Developments in E-Systems Engineering , Liverpool
Keynote presentation: “Steps towards Autonomous Remanufacturing”
Friday, September 23 The importance of AUTOREMAN is discussed by Will Stirling in The Engineer: The value of remanufacturing
Wednesday, October 12 Dr. M. Castellani describes the role of nature-inspired decentralised intelligence in AUTOREMAN's approach to disassembly planning in an invited presentation at Sheffield Hallam's MERI


March Dr C. Ji presented 'Why the remanufacturing in China lost balance?' at Wuhan University of Technology, China.
Monday, June 5 International RECODE Network Symposium - Future visions of manufacturing, London. Keynote Session:"Robotic disassembly and autonomous remanufacturing"
Tuesday, July 4

2017 International Workshop on Autonomous Remanufacturing, University of Birmingham.Agenda:Link.


         New research and technologies                                                  Networking with industry and academia peers



            An experience, not just a workshop                                                                              Promote collaborations and exchanges



                                      10 talks given by experts                                                                                                            Challenging tradition, together

June 5-6

A keynote presentation “Robotic disassembly and autonomous remanufacturing” was given by Prof D.T.Pham at EPSRC RECODE International Symposium, London, UK.


July 5-7

Prof D.T.Pham gave a presentation entitled "How can robots help manufacturing industry use natural resources more efficiently and be kinder to the environment?" at 39th MATADOR conference on advanced manufacturing, Manchester, UK.

September 6

A presentation "Robotic disassembly as a key enabler of autonomous remanufacturing" was given by Dr. M. Castellani at World Remanufacturing Summit 2017, Singapore.

September 13-14

A keynote presentation "Autonomous remanufacturing enabled by robotic disassembly (and Industry 4.0)" was given by Prof D.T.Pham at International Symposium on Production Research 2017 (ISPR 2017) Transition to Industry 4.0, Vienna, Austria.

December 2-3  A  presentation "Steps towards autonomous remanufacturing" was given by Prof D.T.Pham at 2017 International Conference on Industrial Informatics - Computing Technology, Intelligent Technology, Industrial Information Integration (ICIICII 2017), Wuhan, 2-3 December 2017.


April 17
Dr Y. Wang presneted "Robotics and Automation in Remanufacturing" at Workshop on Managing Operations in Circular Economy Contexts, IET Birmingham, 2018.
April 20-22 AUTOREMAN project was presented on International Workshop on APplication of Bees Algorithm in sustainable development (IWABA 2018), Hanoi, Vietnam

Prof D. T. Pham talked about Smart Remanfuacturing on CMM International:

June 7

Prof D. T. Pham attended a panel discussion on 'How to achieve growth in the automotive supply chain through remanufacturing' at AUTOREMANIKA 2018.